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Bus duct

LS Cable started bus duct operations through technical collaboration in 1984 and has supplied bus ducts to various places such as plants, buildings, apartments, large shopping centers, offices, R&D centers, department stores, golf courses, tunnels, semiconductor plants, LCD plants, petro-chemistry, iron manufacturing, IDC buildings, super-high substations of 765 KV, LNG bases, new airports, and harbors.

What are LS Cable Bus Ducts?

Bus ducts are similar to cables in that both have conductors and isolators. The greatest advantage of bus ducts is that they can transmit a great amount of electric energy to a conductor of the same volume. Either vinyl or rubber is used for these cables to protect or insulate conductors. Since the isolator cannot protect the bus ducts directly, metal ducts are used to protect and maintain the form of the conductors and isolator.
Bus ducts, which have been commercialized since the 20th century, are coming increasingly popular since their merits in high capacity electric systems are emphasized. The electric systems of recently-constructed buildings require a great amount of various types of energy compared to the older buildings. In line with these trends, bus ducts can be installed along with contemporary buildings for the best unity. Their merits include safety and minimum energy loss, among others.

Characteristics and Merits

Large volume of energy transmission - Lower voltage - Easy load bifurcation and simple cabling structure - Easy construction due to a one-bolt structure - High capacity cabling, small occupation area, and cost-efficiency - Strong short-circuit - Easy to handle accidents - Good heat-resistance - Easy management due to a simple system - Nice exterior - Expansion, removal, and installation enabled.


1. Using AL cubicle housing, lightweight product is produced

2. Designed as a cubicle structure that effectively emits heat, a compact-sized product is produced.

3. With KIT method connecting structure joint parts, product is easily installed in a short time. If the temperature sensor system using optical fiber is applied (optional), the temperature for all BUSDUCT line can be monitored to prevent fire and other emergencies in advance.

Bus duct (Ez / Ex / Ef – Way)